How do we Teach

L. E. A. P. Learning through Experience, Academics and Play is our research based curriculum developed by our leading experts. This innovative, effective and comprehensive curriculum empowers and inspires the youngest learners to achieve developmental academic results during the most critical and formative years. Concept based curriculum (CBC) is an approach to curriculum design that moves away from subject-specific content and instead emphasizes “big ideas” that span multiple areas or disciplines. In a concept based curriculum students acquire and process factual information through the conceptual level of thinking.

Our Trust is associated with ECA, the field of Early Childhood Education includes an abundance of Organizations that supports the professional development of early childhood teaching methods and promotes improvements in services to our next gen children.

Health at MJ School

As it is said, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, we at MJ School organize periodical and routine check-ups for students to ensure that children are always in the best of health. ENT, Dental and Skin check-ups are some, where we mainly focus on.

Learning Ambience

The message from ‘Taitreya Upanishad’ is our motto and encapsulates both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Every person is a life-long learner, the knowledge has to be applied in practical life to make each one morally sound and independent individuals. The school will give opportunities to students to participate in end numbers of activities and allow them to pursue their skills to excellence.