The MJ SCHOOL, firmly believes that today’s children will carve tomorrow. So we need to give them security and a strong foundation in the present, so that they plan the future in such a way that they are torch bearers of the nation. MJ School is aware that quality education, good health and habits and better understanding of the challenges coming up in the future, is the only investment that will give good returns. This is the commitment to the society by the MJ School.

The knitting of the best teaching with a curriculum borrowed from around the world is what makes the pedagogy of MJ School different from other schools. The curriculum gives equal importance to personality development through activities and instils a respect for one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Teaching that, one cannot accept the present and future without the knowledge of the past, is stressed.

The school’s activity centres, laboratories, library, etc. imbibe in the child a love for learning. Every child is encouraged to love India and its citizens a commitment to high values and sensitivity to the environment. We strive to guide and support each child in their journey from primary to senior school and prepare them for the journey beyond school. We realize that every parent’s fulfillment of life is the happiness of their child.